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13 Moving Tips to Make Moving Day Fast & Efficient

Our List of Tips for Moving out and Moving in

Moving day is always an exciting day. You’re finally moving into the place you’ve been thinking about and preparing for. Unfortunately the thought of moving usually leaves people feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. However, it doesn’t have to!

We’d like to help make your move a little less stressful and with a few of the most effective tips we’ve gathered over the years, we’ve made the process of moving day into a science!

Start Early

There is nothing worse than finding yourself with a ton of packing and cleaning to do with no time to do it. Our recommendation: Spread the work out. Begin cleaning the room or area in your house you use the least and then with the area of most traffic last, such as your kitchen. Give yourself one task every weekend leading up to your move in date in order to make this feel more manageable. Alternatively, hire a professional cleaning company to come in and give the place a really good once over, sure it’s an expense but worth it if you’re not up to the task or your timeframe is limited.


Make To Do Lists

Ah, the sacred To-Do list. If your not a list-maker, it’s time to discover the power a list holds! There is a lot to be done, and move day can be a whirlwind of activity, making it easy to miss something or get disorganized. Start with a general list of things to do, then get more detailed, including dates to get certain things done.

Make Rental Reservations

If you need to rent any equipment or a truck, it’s a good idea to reserve your rentals as soon as you know your move date. Moving trucks can get booked up very quickly, especially on the weekend at the end of the month. A general rule of thumb – a 16 foot 1-ton cube van can hold the contents of a 1-2 bedroom home (no appliances) and a 20+ foot 3-ton truck can hold up to a 3 bedroom home. Plan if you will need to make more than one trip.

Notify Change of Address

With subscriptions and mail forwarding, you can notify your change of address along with a date for the change to start, all of which can usually be completed online.

Organize Utilities

Make a list of the companies that you will need to contact, and make sure you have account numbers handy when you call them or go online. Notify your utility companies of your move date and when you need to have the old address turned off and the new address turned on. Set up an appointment for your cable connection early, as they usually book up quick.

Utility Meter on Outside of House

Gather Packing Materials

We suggest renting your moving boxes; this is a relatively inexpensive option and once your done with your boxes you don’t have to worry about how to dispose of them or where to store them. Plus its good incentive to fully unpack your home! You can also consider going to a department store and ask if you can come by to take shipping boxes and packing material. They may even offer to set aside materials for you, ultimately, your helping them out!

Enlist Help

As soon as you know your move in date, ask family and friends to commit to helping you, if you wait to long to ask people they tend to be ‘busy’ that day- enlist early!


We consider this to be the hardest stage but the results are worth it! Purging requires multiple steps and a fair amount of time; first thing to do is sort. Make 3 piles, things you haven’t used within a year, keepsakes and currently using. Once you’ve made your piles, go through them again, ask yourself, do I really need 7 laundry baskets? Do I really want to keep that old camping tent? It’s a process…

Once you’ve efficiently went through your stuff, pack away keepsakes in a labeled box and donate any unwanted items or sell them online.


New home, fresh start, dirty items. You don’t want to move dirty things into your nice new home. Consider washing or taking the following things to a cleaner: curtains, rugs, bedskirts, tablecloths, cushion and couch slip covers, bedspreads/comforters, and pillows. If you are required to have your carpets professionally cleaned, ask to include your mattresses or fabric sofas, a little steam clean goes a long way.


Start Packing

We know what you’re thinking, there’s still plenty of time! But if you can get some packing started, it will help you a lot as your move date looms closer and closer. Pack the items that you don’t expect to use until after you move. Out of season clothing, fancy china, and seasonal/holiday wares are usual items to pack early. Don’t forget to label your boxes. Keep aside a box of necessities such as toilet paper, towels, sheets and anything else you will immediately need.

A Week Ahead Pack Everything but Daily Essentials

You can start packing things as the date gets closer based on what you will use before the move date. For example, you can pack up most of your kitchen a week or so before your move date, but keep out one or two sets of dishes out that you can use and clean. Wait to grocery shop until you move into your new place. No point in packing up a bunch of canned goods. Plan out a couple of sets of clothing and pack the rest up. In the last few days you should have everything packed except for your daily essentials. Being fully packed and organized a couple days before the move will greatly reduce your overall stress.

Kids and Pets

Arrange to have children and pets taken care of on move day. Hire a babysitter or leave your children with family for the whole day. Put your pets in carriers and keep them out of the way during the move. This will allow you to focus entirely on the move and will give you one less thing to worry about.

Get Going Early on Move Day

Pick up your moving truck as early as possible if you’re renting one. Be sure that you will be able to easily park the truck at your place before you pick it up. Have everything is completely packed and organized before your help arrives. This will not only help you keep your friends, but it will make your move much quicker and smoother. Load large objects (furniture) into the truck first. Make sure you use boxes to fill in any empty space between furniture, and load boxes on top. You can use sheets, towels and blankets to minimize rubbing and scratching.

When unloading, try your best to organize things as they come off the truck, guiding which rooms to take furniture and boxes. Do not start unpacking with friends and family still there. Just get everything off the truck as quickly as possible, then take all those wonderful friends and family members out to a fantastic dinner to formally thank them for all their hard work. They deserve it!

Once your in, the hardest part is over. Relax and enjoy your new place.