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Tips for Going Green at Home

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The price of energy is going up and our natural resource reserve is dwindling. We have gathered some really helpful energy saving tips that we’d like our tenants to know, going green isn’t just good karma, it’s a great way to save money!

It is a fact that as much as 10% of home electricity is wasted through appliances, outdated sockets and fixtures. We’re doing our part to ensure tenants have an energy efficient base; from light bulbs to energy star rated appliances we are dedicated to a more sustainable future.

Tip #1: Use less, conserve more

Unplug items that are not in use such as, cell phone chargers, hair dryer or occasional appliances. It is estimated that a plugged in appliance consumes anywhere from 2 to 20 watts of energy. Turn off heating or cooling systems when you aren’t home or if they are enabled with a timer system, set it up, it is absolutely worth it!

Tip #2 Canadians know cold

Wash clothes in cold water, this is becoming a well known fact that cold water cleans clothes just as effectively as hot and uses a fraction of the energy while saving you money. We also suggest hanging certain clothes to dry or using the sensor dry function on your dryer which shuts off once it senses clothes are dry. Both of these will help save money, extend the life of your clothes, all while being energy efficient.

Tip #3 re-use, re-purpose, recycle

This one is a no-brainer, recycle! Most major cities offer a recycling program with incentives to returns your empty beverage containers, compost your food waste and recycle cardboard and glass products. If you’re getting rid of personal items, furniture or electronics we recommend selling them online or donating them to avoid these items hitting the landfill.


Tip #4 H2O

If we really think about conserving water, we must think about where we are most wasteful with water. 99% of the time its in the bathroom, whether the shower, the sink or the toilet. Simple things can be done to reduce the amount of water waste such as, turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth, reduce shower time and report any leaky faucet or fixture to your building manager. We’ve done our part by installing low-flow toilets and showerheads that reduce the amount of water used without reducing water pressure. Surprisingly, washing dishes by hand is incredibly inefficient, use your energy start rated dishwashers for a better, more sustainable clean.

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